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Ozzo Kids is the leading brand of the country in the wholesale of children's wedding dresses and suits, with its stores in 3 different points throughout Turkey, its expert staff and a production capacity of 1000 m2 since 2013.


Ozzo Kids, with its industry experience and leading design team, unique quality lace and fabric samples, signature designs crafted by masters, organizational skills, commitment to its core values ​​and the adoption of these values ​​by all its employees, has been providing just-in-time delivery service to the world of children's evening dresses for many years.


Childhood, one of the most beautiful years of life, is unforgettable for many people. One of the things that make these memories valuable is childhood clothes and the happiness felt in them. Ozzo Kids products are carefully designed to make your children feel valued and happy at every moment.


To combine world fashion with our children's dreams in a quality, stylish and elegant line.


To introduce our brand to the whole world by producing the most special children's evening dresses that will shape the fashion by closely following the internal/external demands of the sector.

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